Character Sheet – Madra Flemming Interview



Why do you want the ancestral planet?

Because it is our ancestral home.


My ancestors were emperors before they were all executed or sent to this rock.


Why what? Why were they emperors or why were they sent here? Really they are they same answer. They were powerful people. Intelligent, beautiful, better then the masses below them and so other governments, other lesser planets feared their superiority and took action against them.


We always fear what we don’t understand, what we can’t assimilate.


Human nature.

The emperor started the Cleansing war.

So your history says. We don’t believe that.


We know better. It comes back to fear again. The old emperor closed the planet to all immigration and began to make it pure. The emperor convinced our immediate neighbours of the sense of the Cleansing and so he began to spread the cause. A few infidels resisted the truth and began to spark unrest in the galaxy. Spreading their own fear and prejudice, riling up the outer planets to declare war. They started the war, not us.

The Cleansing war ended over 300 years ago, another war has been fought since. Why do you now want the ancestral planet back. No one alive in the Convex Confederacy has ever even set foot on the soil there.

Because it’s our home and it was taken from us. We are still pure or blood and spirit, just as the last emperor would have us. This planet is going to be devoured and we want to go home.

You are being given a home on one of the moon colonies.

If we move to a moon colony, our people will be spread out over the surface, split into conclaves. Within a few generations they will forget who they are. Their blood will mix and thin and we will no longer be pure, no longer exist.


Because memory is weak and temptation is strong. Moon colonies don’t allow segregation. Schools are public, religion shared. Our young will be exposed to inferior education and mixed information. We will not allow that. We will not allow ourselves to be lost in the multicultural soup. It is time to regain what was taken from our people and for the galaxy to leave us alone.

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