Female Warriors in Fantasy

This is a fantastic essay on female warrior characters and world building around them.

World Weaver Press

zenobiaFantasy writer and history buff Django Wexler kicks off our series of articles on writing epic fantasy warfare with his discussion of the societal conditions which likely would (and wouldn’t) produce a female warrior class:

This piece got its start in a Twitter exchange about the ridiculousness of the armor female warriors are forced to wear in fantasy movies, games, and artwork.  Eileen Wiedbrauk asked if I would write something about it for the World Weaver Press blog, but after a little bit of research I discovered the ground had already been well-covered by parodies and people with a lot more experience than I have. [see: Fantasy Armor and Lady Bits]

In any event, I’m a novelist, not an artist, and my background is in history.  So I thought I would try something a little broader.  Since we were discussing the realism of women’s armor in a fantasy context…

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