Scribophile, the online writing group for serious writers

Yesterday I signed up to Scribophile. It’s a very well made social network for writers that allows you to offer your work up to other members for critique in exchange for you critiquing the work of others.

You can open a free account which allows you to post two pieces of work at once but it costs you 1 karma point to enter any competitions. A paid account ($65 a year or $9/month) allows you to upload unlimited stories, costs nothing to enter competitions and a bunch of other extra features including extra details to critiques of your work, ability to save the critiques you’re working on for others etc. I’m already starting to think that the $65 would be a great investment.

The key to this site is the karma points. You have to earn them through critiquing peoples work or get them given to you by others when they ‘like’ your critiques. You have to earn 5 karma points for each piece you want to publish on the site. You can also win karma in some of the offered writing contests.

I’ve already submitted two critiques of my own and earned enough ‘karma’ points to offer one of my pieces for review. I chose to put up Rider and have received three very useful reviews in less then 24 hours. I’ve spent a few hours this morning working on this piece based on the feedback I received.

Competitions seem to be run regularly, with the current one focussing on ‘The character driven tale.‘ The prizes are really decent (IMHO).

Deadline: April 30

Fee: Free

1st Prize: A fifty-page manuscript review from acclaimed author David Corbett (worth $350!), a copy of The Art of Character (winners outside the US receive a digital copy), Prize $100 cash via PayPal
2nd Prize: A copy of The Art of Character(winners outside the US receive a digital copy), Prize $75 cash via PayPal
3rd Prize: A copy of The Art of Character(winners outside the US receive a digital copy), Prize $50 cash via PayPal

There are also forums and topic dedicated groups to join. I can see these as being both useful and time wasting – but that’s, as always, up to you to find the balance.

Check it out and see what you think – I’m off to find food, drink and power for the laptop.
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