Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk: Auckland

I am not a user of Lightroom, and thus I will probably never actually read Scott Kelby’s new book on Lightroom, I use Aperture, and I’m happy to be doing so, at least for now. This did not, however, deter me from signing up to take part in the Auckland stretch of the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk on Saturday. It was the first chance I’ve ever had to get out with a bunch (50 odd) people to simply take photos and chat. It was a great day, although we have very little of that lovely NZ light I fell in love with since moving here, the day was cloudy but at least it only rained for a little bit.

You can see some of the amazing shots taken on the day here at the flickr group sight. I must say that I really did enjoy the experience and I’m happily trying to figure out how to get all my passions to work together because I really would like some more time dedicated to photography. 

I’m managing to spend a lot less time in post processing, partly because I have a little more knowledge of what I’m doing and how to use Aperture rather then jumping back and forth between it and Photoshop, I’m also getting better at using my camera so that my results are a little more predictable. All good things and made this experience that much more pleasurable (I really wasn’t looking forward to the post processing stage I must say).

Things I did find out about myself on the walk, uninspiring lighting makes me start to think differently about what I’m trying to achieve, themes help, my husband has far too much influence over me and I started thinking “what would Craig like to see a photo of?” fortunately he has good taste and I was able to find a few shots (13 out of 70 odd), that really appealed to me at the end of the day. I also noticed that I have a hard time trying to remember to do everything, if I remember to check my aperture and shutter speed settings I forget about my ISO (I ended up shooting the entire day at 800 when 400 would have been much better, this has resulted in a lot more “noise” in the darker area’s of my photos then I’d like). It also wasn’t until the very end of the day that I realised I had also been forgetting about what “metering mode” I was using. I almost feel like I need to write myself a little check list and stick it to camera so that I check then shoot.

Here are those 13 of my favorite images (3 of them are actually of the same homeless guy because I simply couldn’t decide which final picture I liked best).


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