PhotoWalk – Auckand

I’m rather excited, a few days ago I found out about Photowalk, it’ basically an excuse for a bunch of photography geeks around the world to go for walk as a group with their cameras and take photos of their city. There is a limitation of 50 people per city and I just squeezed into the Auckland walk yesterday due to a cancelation.

I haven’t really been doing a great deal of photography of late, mostly because I’m no enjoying the limitations I’m faced with due to low lighting situations. I’ve taken some rather cool photos but have had to spend more time then I’d like in post processing them so they haven’t really gotten to the finished on the web or flickr stage yet. I’m hoping that being around a bunch of other photographers will help to inspire me a little more, and maybe I’ll pick up a few tips along the way.

Time to get myself organised, hopefully I’ll have some photos to upload soon.

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