Cropping & Print sizes

Some questions that have been plaguing me as a beginner photographer is cropping. When I say this I don’t just mean cutting a shot down closer but what happens to the size of an image when you crop it? If I have a photo of someones head and I want to crop it down so that I loose half the face on one side, what size photo have I ended up with? What size can I blow it up to now?  There are “standards” in everything, so I’m assuming that there are standard size prints. We’ve heard of an 8″x10″ or a 6″x4″, but what other sizes are there and what size does my image need to be before I’ve shrunk it too much for a decent sized print?

I took a photo a while ago of a girl running through tulips, there was a lot of distracting elements in the photo and so I cropped them out and went from a landscape photo to a portrait shaped photo, when I printed the image it stretched and lost resolution. Could I have avoided this?

How do I know how much I can remove from an image before I make it too small to print?

There is an interesting article here about how and why to crop an image, but it doesn’t tell you anything about the result to the size of the image. This all may be fine for web work but I’m more interested in getting the images I take with my DSLR onto print medium *sigh*

I don’t really have the answeres today but I wanted to get the thought out.

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